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Silicon Valley Greek Seed Funding Group

The Silicon Valley Greek Seed Funding Group (SVGSFund) is a loosely coupled group of Greek professionals in Silicon Valley dedicated to providing seed funding and guidance to Greek and Greek American startup companies which are judged by the group to have high probability for success.   Ted is the coordinator of this group. For more details please visit www.svgsfund.com


Casualing is a Greek startup company now headquartered in San Francisco.   Casualing is in the Social gaming business with specific orientation for social game tournaments and in-game betting. Ted is the lead investor in this company and a member of the Board of Directors. Please visit www.casualing.com


Bugsense is a real-time bug tracking service for Android, iOS & WP7.  Bugsense is one of the SVGSFund companies where Ted is an investor. Please visit www.bugsense.com


Atypon builds the content and delivery, discovery, and monetization infrastructure for publishing companies.   Some of the largest publishers in the world are served and rely on the Atypon services. Ted is on the Board of Directors of Atypon. Please visit www.atypon.com

Lamda Communications

Ted Laliotis is the President and CEO of Lamda Communications, a California Limited Liability Company.  Lamda's mission was to provide leadership in establishing a Broadband Wireless Access service in Greece by bringing together Technology, Financing and procurement of the necessary Licenses.   The project was folded a year later after the Greek Government changed its policy on spectrum licensing and made the project non-feasible.

SouthGate Communications

SouthGate Communications Inc. (SGCI), was a California corporation which was established in 1998.  SGCI's mission was to provide leadership in establishing a CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) company in Greece. During 1999, the founders of SGCI founded  SouthGate Communications Hellas (SGCH).    SGCH established a network of local nodes in Greece and provided long distance voice over IP at competitive prices to more than 1,000 large corporate customers in Greece.  Ted Laliotis was a Board Member and a shareholder of SGCH, while other founders of SGCH moved to Greece to operate the company.   After four years of successful operation and growth, SGCH was sold to Sannyo Hellas, and three years later sold to the Greek National Phone Company (OTE)

Eidenz Software

Ted Laliotis was the Chairman of the Board of Eidenz.   Eidenz was a 1998 startup software company which developed a prototype system for case management in the California Court system.

The State of California, through legislation, unified the Superior and Municipal Coutrs into one California Court System.  There was hardly any automation in the Courts at the time.  The consolidation (unification) would provide a window of opportunity for a total solution.  The Eidenz team included inside experts from the court system and strong political connections in the California State Government.   The project, after formulation and prototyping was sold to a larger software company.


IconVision was a technology startup company with access to unique video enhancement technologies and projection technologies that made it ideal for big screen HDTV appliances and small theater (home theater) set-ups, including 3D.  The core technologies were under development by affiliated companies that IconVision had strategic partnering agreements.
As soon as the core technologies would become mass manufacturable, IconVision planed to spring into action.  Ted Laliotis was the President and CEO of IconVision, however, there are no employees or other officers except for the strategic partners that are developing the core technologies and who will be partners in IconVision as well.   Due to the high volatility of the HDTV market, the rapid development, and the high competition from giant Japanese companies, the strategic partnership was not able to pursue a successful business development in timely fashion.