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Dear Friend,

I am seeking your support to win the election for the 21st State Assembly District.

Over the past twenty-five years, my wife and I had the privilege and the opportunity to raise a family in a way that allowed us to provide a good and secure home, as well as a good education for our children. I am concerned that our children may not have the same opportunity unless we regain and maintain the economic competitiveness of our region. Regional economic strength is a prerequisite for supporting good schools, public safety, quality of life, and a protected environment. Well-paying jobs strengthen the family fabric and reduce social problems.

With thirty years of local residency and business experience (the last eighteen years with Hewlett-Packard), and eight years of public service, including City Council member and Mayor of Los Altos, I am uniquely qualified to represent this region in the State Assembly. Additionally, my involvement with county transportation and housing committees, as well as my participation in organizations such as Joint Venture Silicon Valley Network, Santa Clara County Manufacturing Group and Chambers of Commerce puts me in a strong position to address the challenges in economic development, education, public safety, law enforcement, crime prevention, affordable housing, the environment, and many other issues which are important to our region.

My candidacy is an opportunity for a refreshing change to elect a business person who understands our region's needs and who will bring a "business sense" to our state government in Sacramento instead of electing a career politician again. I am not looking to initiate or enhance a political career. On the contrary, now that my children are grown and my financial obligations are reduced, I am putting my business career on hold for a few years in order to use my expertise and give something back to the community. If I am elected to the State Assembly, I will work to ensure that our children's opportunities will be as good as, or better than, the ones we were afforded. My track record in public service demonstrates that I am a dedicated representative who stands firmly by the needs of his constituents and does not get drawn into the machinery of career politics.

I would be honored to have your support in the 21st Assembly seat. I can assure you that when elected, I will serve with distinction and integrity.


Ted Laliotis

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